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I snapped some quick photos yesterday of my friends Katy and Pat down at my 'ol hanging out spot, KSVY 91.3FM. Both Katy and Pat are radio personalities with their own shows, and in addition, Pat engineers Katy's program and occasionally offers up her comments. And I've been known to saddle up to the microphone a couple of times and boy do we get to laughing and having a good time on air!! Of course the real fun comes after when we go out for martinis...
Anyway, Katy has a new book coming out, Hairball Diaries and she needed some quick publicity photos so we took about 20 minutes and I snapped away - she is a hoot to photograph because she yells out funny words like "SEX" to keep her smile and energy genuine! And then her husband Steve Klein (Klein Guitars) joined in for a quick moment and of course I had to photograph the dog for the was a real whirlwind photo shoot all in about 20 minutes! We had fun and I got a very special autographed book out of it!


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