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Mike and I took an all day trip north to Oak Run to visit the cabin I spent many summer days with my grandparents. The cabin was filled with so many fun memories of friends and creek/jeep/motorcycle adventures and I just wanted to see the area one more time.
I had hopes to see the area with fondness, however my grandma had warned me the area had taken a turn for the worse, so I was slightly prepared. Well, it's hard to take a fun trip down memory lane when the lane is lined with scary-deliverance-methlab looking homes. We slowly crept down the steep dirt road into the canyon, but eventually turned around because the discussions turned from "oh, I remember that..." to "does anyone know we were traveling here today?"
Oh well, I'm glad we made the trek because at the very least I'll be able to share the photos with my grandparents. And since we made the decision to turn around before reaching the cabin, most of my memories are still preserved in 1984.

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    1. mclouse said...
      The best part of any road trip is spending time with your best friend.
      Joyce Ann said...
      I remember that wooden bridge. I am grateful that you did not venture on to the gun toting, methlab type houses. Good move to turn around and recall your favorite memories. Mom

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