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The Queen Mary 2 sailed into San Francisco over the weekend and I was so excited at the prospect of seeing this beautiful ship in person, so I planted myself on the Golden Gate bridge yesterday with other hopeful aficionados hoping for an up close glimpse as it continued its journey to Hawaii, Australia and Hong Kong.
This ship is very magnificent with classic style and mammoth in size. The QM2 is 147 feet longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall (984 ft.) and supposedly it only has about a 30 foot clearance from the golden gate bridge and its passing was timed with the low tide!
So Mike and I bundled up and headed into the thick fog watching for a glimpse of the ship for an hour and a half, but I'm sorry to say we left empty handed.
The ship was slated to leave port at 5pm, however a couple factors we had not planned on, was 1) the visibility was incredibly low because of the thick fog, and 2) we believe the ship left port at high tide, but had to linger in the bay for several hours waiting for low tide.
It was an adventure worth trying!


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