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I had the great fortune to photograph an elaborately planned marriage proposal this past Saturday at a stunning private estate here in Sonoma. The unsuspecting "bride" arrived expecting to enjoy an evening dinner part with a few friends, but instead she was surprised to see a large gathering of her closest friends and family. Before she could barely say her first hello, her hand was taken by the "groom" as he whisked her down the stone path. Just then, a rare Friesian horse brought in from Holland (her engagement gift) trotted in front of her. The horse was sporting a beautiful custom-made blanket with the embroidered words, "Will You Marry Me?" and tied to a ribbon attached to the mane was a dazzling 4 karat diamond ring!
The moment was so romantic, it was difficult to manage my task without tearing up too much.

p.s. She said yes!


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