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Mike and I took a little break from the familiar and drove north to our old town of Ashland Oregon. We stayed at the quaint Palm Motel, which is kind of Pottery Barn/Grandma/Goodwill sheik. I have to say...there's something wonderful about staying in a place that has freshly picked flowers from its own garden throughout our room. And our room was full of good karma...we had a beautiful red door, a cute dwarf pear tree out front which was loaded with fruit and a bubbling fountain outside our window. It was a nice home away from home.

The entrance to the Palm Motel.

We stayed in town for the VERY popular 4th of July parade where thousands begin to claim their turf 24 hours before the parade begins. By nightfall the day before the parade there was not a square inch of grass, concrete or asphalt within a mile that was not claimed - it's really exciting.
And one thing I don't have in a photo, but is truly the highlight of the parade are the two F16's that fly over to start the parade. It is absolutely exhilarating every time! There is no way to put into words the speed and the decibels of these jets - all of which are flying at a very low altitude - it's something everyone should experience.

And no trip would be complete without stopping to say hello to our old house on the hill. For those of you who don't know, Mike and I took a year off around 2000 and built this house. It was a wonderful experience and it was nice to see "her".

And no July would be complete without insane temperatures. I started taking photos at 108 and it kept on creeping up. 114 was the high as we cruised down I5 through Redding at about 6:30pm.


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