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Squeeze into your bell bottoms and load your 8-track with BTO or Neil Young, because we're getting ready for a 1971 flashback!

Some background: I have been scouring the state of California for months, searching for a little travel trailer that I can fix up, and take for an occasional mini getaway. Something that I can have all packed up and ready for a quick overnighter with the hubby, or a girls getaway with my sister or a friend.

So, I finally found her last weekend! She's a 1971 Scotsman trailer and nearly all original with funky avocado green appliances and matching linoleum. She needs some cleaning up and some small fixes and when we're done she is going to be so beautiful!!!

I'm going a bit hog-wild on some aspects and I'm having a blast! For instance I worked with a Calico Corners decorator yesterday and we picked out all of the new coordinating upholstery and window coverings. And then I made a stop at two of my most favorite stores; Anthropologie for vintage kitchen towels (see photo) and The Container Store which actually had vintage replica/70's floral sandwich bags (see photo)! I bought all of them!

The new table and counter top laminate is being ordered this week, interior painting will begin this weekend and she should be ready for the road in a couple of weeks.

And just like a boat has to have a female name for good luck, so does this trailer. She's a Scotsman, so I researched and found a royal Scottish name...Matilda!


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