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It's been weeks of fixing, spiffing, painting, scrubbing and sewing to turn this once grubby and neglected hunters trailer into a warm, welcoming, getaway and we're near the end of the interior remodel! One hundred kudos goes to Mike, who put in an immense amount of time into this project and tolerated all of my minutely detailed requests. (Thank you Sweetie!)

We repainted, replaced counter tops, upholstery, light fixtures, shelves, hinges, knobs, hooks and Mike even milled custom trim, ledges...the list is very long. Basically it was stripped, sans the great original details and all replaced with new shiny parts.

Here is the cute pantry with vintage style luggage labels decorating the inside of the door.

The Kitchen with new a laminate countertop, new painted decorative tin backsplash (thank you Tinman), new lights, new hardware and lots of scrubbing.

The dinette with new laminate counter, all new foam and upholstery and curtains. Notice the original gas lamp above. We made a small attempt to use it, but it got a little sketchy, so we decided to stick with the 12v and 110 power for now.

The couch/double bed with a new back ledge for storing lamps, shoes and stuff with a little decorative whimsy added. Both of us have a matching striped box in either corner which holds our clothing and of course they are labeled with our names. (All in unison..."Ah, isn't that cute".)

More of the kitchen/couch with our beautiful vintage-style chrome lights and what you can barely see is our fantastic bamboo cutting board which nests into the sink thanks again to Mike and his crafty ways. It adds extra counter space when making sandwiches.

And one last thank you goes to Corrine at Calico Corners who was instrumental in helping me pick out my coordinated fabrics for the couch, dinette and curtains. She was a doll to work with and I really respected her patience with me, especially since it was all such an odd request.

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    I'm loving the stickers.

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