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I had the great pleasure to photograph Jenny and Vince's Sonoma wedding last Saturday and I'm so excited to share a few of my favorite pics with you!
Jenny is astonishingly beautiful, and the two together just radiated love and happiness - it was a wonderful day!

The finishing touches.

The Mother Bouquets.

(All of the girls dresses were hanging in the room)
"Jenny, which dress are you wearing?"
Jenny answered her, pointing to the big beautiful white dress and the little girl looked up at Jenny's dress with awe - you can see it in her eyes! The story makes me well up with tears every time because she is so darn cute! =)


St. Francis Church.

I was so in love with this photo after I took it, I actually walked around and showed it to Jenny and a few guests. She is stunning!

Vince & Jenny.

Stunning Sonoma Night.

Their first dance.


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