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One of my favorite annual traditions is to journey up to our old mountain top neighborhood in Ashland and search for our Christmas tree.

This year we had deluxe accommodations at our friends/neighbors Ken & Kimberly who just finished a stunning guest room slash rec. room. It was so plush with our own tv, fireplace, patio and bathroom we thought we might never leave.

We had such fun with them, walking through the charming shops, eating at my favorite restaurant Kat Wok, hot tubbing in 20 degree temps with snow all around and more.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our trip.

Ken & Kimberly's dog Luna.
Who is (please don't tell my dog Kirby), the BEST dog!
She has this incredibly funny smile which is actually a barred-teeth-snarl which at first is alarming, but once you realize it is her happy-look it is hysterical.

A pretty little Nature moment outside the house.

Mike and Ken on the prowl for the perfect tree. This location is about 20 minutes from our old house and is just a few steps away from the Pacific Crest Trail. It is really a special place!

We found our "perfect" Noble Fir nestled in closely to a few other trees. This is actually important because, by us cutting it down we were able to help the other trees continue to grow and thrive.

Ken found his "Charlie Brown" tree. It just needs some extra tinsel.


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