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Last night, as Mike and I drove home from the San Rafael farmers market, I gave some thought to who I have become. (It's really not as heavy as it sounds)

While I was intently studying my freshly applied henna tattoos, I looked up as we drove past Infineon Raceway and I confessed that I really wanted to go to the Sunday Nascar races. There's something about cheap beer and loud fast cars that gets me screaming with the other 100,000+ fans.

So, this got me thinking...Now that I am passing through my mid-thirties, I've really grown to like who I am; a crazy mix of Hippie (henna), Redneck (nascar and beer) and Yuppie (addicted to anthropologie and bmw's).

I hope your summer is filled with big laughs, everyday adventures and little reminders of what makes you so wonderfully unique!


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