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I've been working on a fun product shoot and I thought you'd enjoy peeking at the finished shots and to see the amusing not-so-glamorous behind the scenes. Keep in mind, when you see beautiful models looking perfect, many times they have clamps and duct tape in the back keeping the front of their clothing looking impeccable. This shoot was similar in concept.

And be sure to check out these beautiful candles at! They are handmade with loving hands right here in Sonoma County and each candle is beautifully unique!

{The shot}

{The behind the scenes shots were setup in my kitchen which had the best diffused light. Boxes were stacked to get the flowers at just the right height and what you can't see are the snapped flowers stems which had to be sacrificed so they were angled just right.}

{Mike was walking by and I said,
"Here, please hold this candle like this."}


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