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My sweet tooth has been drastically contained for some time now, however I couldn't resist creating this fun sushi platter made entirely out of candy for a friend's party tonight. Sushi is one of her favorite meals no matter what time of day, and I knew that other friends were bringing the real deal to the potluck, so I thought I'd contribute with a centerpiece of sort. It's all divinely edible, yet I have a feeling we're all going to admire them from afar.

It was equally fun shopping for the treats; marshmallows (rice), candy slices (fish), black and red raspberry jellies (roe), swedish fish, etc.

And no sushi is complete without soy sauce and wasabi; aka pancake syrup and mushed together taffy.

p.s. I got so carried away that I forgot to give big kudos to two people that helped make these turn out so cute: My sister who was ultra creative, and Heidi the owner of Tiddle E. Winks. Thanks!

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  1. Jessamyn Harris said...
    ooh! I've always wanted to do something like this. yours turned out beautifully! maybe we need to make some in 2 weeks :)
    very nice!

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