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Some very nice feedback that Kate just posted on

"In my opinion, picking a wedding photographer is the most difficult decision in the wedding planning process. This is the person or persons that you are, in a sense, putting in charge of your memories. The photos they take and the moments they capture are most likely going to be how you remember your special day. In other words, you've really gotta trust who you pick.

My wife and I met with some amazing photographers, whose work we thought was stupendous, but in the end we realized that we didn't want the perfect picture, we wanted more. We wanted a photographer that was going to capture us, in the moment, as beautifully real to the moment as possible. We're not the type of couple that has many photos of ourselves around the house and those we do have aren't posed. We like candids, we like moments, and we absolutely loved our photographer, Megan Clouse.

From the second we sat down with Megan she struck us as much more than your typical wedding photographer. She had amazing prints for us to look at and plenty of variety in style of shots, but the thing that jumped out at us was the emotion in her work. Even though we'd never met the people we were looking at, we could feel their joy, their laughter, their embarrassment ... we could feel everything.

Her photos weren't what I call the "insert bride here" type, where you can imagine any bride looking pretty in the photo you're looking at, each was truly a moment, even the posed shots. So, if you're looking for more than just great wedding photos, if you're looking for great memories, give Megan a call. She'll make it impossible to forget your special day and you'll have an amazing time working with her along the way. "


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