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I recently worked with an absolutely top notch vintage car company/owner/chauffeur right here in Sonoma whom I absolutely recommend! Check out his marvelous car collection at And we were just chatting via email and I thought I'd share some of the "nicies" he said about me too.

"...It was really great to meet you at Suzanne and Joe's Wedding. I enjoyed our interaction together and look forward to working with you again.
Thank you for adding us to your recommendation list. I will be creating a new web site and would like to add you to our links page of photographers. I would like to add you partly because you are based in Sonoma, more so because you have an easy going way about you ( I have worked with photographers that acted like they were the event planner, ie: stressful) and mostly because you are a gifted artist.
I viewed the slide show and visited your web site and was very moved by your eye for the dramatic and subtle (this coming from an Otis College of Art and Design graduate). I have to believe your clients are very happy when they see what you have created for them..."


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