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Usually once per wedding, I accidentally bump my shutter button and capture some strange shot, and it is always amusing to find it when I'm editing my photos. At Krista & Kevin's I was standing at the ceremony and I bumped the button while my camera was hanging around my neck and I captured this kind of artsy shot of my shoes. It made me smile (and think of you Jessamyn) so I thought I'd share it.


  1. jessamynit said...
    ha ha, when I saw that shot I was like, "are those my shoes?!". I love these kinds of shots, fun!
    Parsing Phase said...
    I dropped in via Seth's blog on the penny-stamp issue, but having had a quick look through some of the photos, thought I'd say that there's some lovely work here, showing some excellent imagination and humour.

    Many people see photography as a fairly mechanical, technical process, but your composition and styling definitely give the lie to that.

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