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I'm sorry to muddy-up my beautiful blog images with a bit of social commentary, but I feel that this silliness must be shared.

Can you imagine all of the effort it took for my little package to be declined, stamped, sorted and returned by my postal carrier, all for a penny and we haven't even begun to count the time it took me to write my blog commentary, take the photo, repackage my letter with new postage and deliver it to the post office.

This is definitely a prime example of bureaucracy and inefficiency all wrapped up in one uptight postal service package!


  1. Vincent said...
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    chuck rampart said...
    You know, when I think of all the times I've overpaid postage because I didn't have the right stamp change or was estimating, then extrapolate to the national mailing citizenry, I feel fairly confident the Post Office is well ahead. Since I know that the letter won't get there with too little postage,paying exact postage or over postage are my only options. If I knew it might get there anyway, I'd surely be more casual about it. So it's in the financial best interest of the post office to maintain their minimum postage standards, I'd guess, even factoring in the cost of returning postage deficient pieces. What's their downside to their current policy? That we think of the Post Office as senseless bureaucracy? That's my stab at Post Office logic, if there is such a thing.
    Darren said...
    That's horrible, Megan!

    You'd think that a little slack would be warranted in your case. I've created an entire blog based on customer service experience...and this is one I'd love to mention!

    I live in Vancouver, Canada and I have to honestly admit that Canada Post hasn't always been kind either.
    exit35 said...
    This package even has .55 Breast Cancer Awareness stamps...
    I know the Post office does not keep the additional money from the stamp purchase, but come on!
    CataMaran said...
    Sorry - but you are being petty. I will not read this blog again.
    Parsing Phase said...
    That's quite astounding... while I'm not familiar with either US stamps or pricing levels, I'm inclined to assume that it's the weight of the stamps you did put on there that carried it over!

    Looks like someone at the USPS was either being small-minded or having a bad day, or both. It takes some sort of deliberate action to write 01c on a parcel and not realise you're being daft.

    And as for those storming off in a sulk because you posted this... guys, go out and get yourselves some fresh air!
    Ritesh said...
    see the opportunity in this..

    if you put the sender's address on the envelope as the address of the person you want to send the parcel to and stick the cheapest possible stamp on it..
    would it not be returned to the sender (that is.. the person you originally wanted the parcel to go to..)..


    Mike said...
    This is a normal business practice.

    Think it this way - your parcel is supposed to bring xx pennies of income to post office. You parcel goes thru and the price of xx pennies (not xx minus 1 penny) automatically goes to the accounting system. These "virtual" number should actually match the real money in the cash register (or something). Now.. in case of that one penny - who do you think will pay it from their own pockets where the difference is discovered?

    Would you pay if you were working at post office? These pennies add up you know. I think your rant has not good reason to exist.

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