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Alexis and Harrison were all smiles last Saturday, and not just regular smiles, but big, giddy, twinkling eyes kind of smiles - they were adorable! Their wedding took place at the lovely Sebastiani Winery here in Sonoma and the day was perfect. They were an absolute joy to get to know and I really enjoyed photographing every moment. The clocked whizzed through the hours and before I knew it, the evening was over and they were being whisked away in their fabulous vintage car!

The flowers were stunning!

Harrison calmly waiting before the ceremony.

The rings.

What is that purple curly is so whimsical!

The men.

One last father daughter moment.

Her bridesmaids were stunning in red!


So cute!


Our romantic sunset session...
I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Paul the DJ was very good and fun to work with. This shot came about when he announced to the guests, "This is the last song, so everyone on the dance floor! The photographer is going to climb the stairs to take a group photo and I want everyone to give a big group hug and smile at the photographer."
I was standing off to the side as he was talking and I was thinking to myself, "I am??" I gave the DJ a smile and followed his cue - it was a fun shot!

Alexis and Harrison in the stunning convertible Caddy!


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