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A little bit of the east coast came to Sonoma last Sunday to celebrate Michelle and Evan's big beautiful Viansa wedding! The rainy weather the day before had Michelle scrambling with back-up plans, but I reassured her that the rains would blow away and it would be beautiful, and it was. As always, I wish I could sit with you and go through the entire wedding album, sharing all the stories that go with the images...but here are just a few of my favorites. Congratulations Evan and Michelle! You two were so lovely, and it was a pleasure to get to know you and I wish you all the best!!

Before Michelle emerged from her adorable little getting-ready-room that was in the wine cave I asked her if she was ok to walk the winery property which was still teeming with tourists. I had found a perfect little spot for our portraits but it meant some attention, and she handled it with such grace. This moment was absolutely precious; as she walked up the steps, a large group of Japanese tourists applauded as she walked by - it was a very cute moment! And as I was taking our formal photos, even more tourists quietly walked up behind me and snapped pictures of her; she was a very beautiful bride!

Michelle and her mom having a very cute moment.

Here Evan and Michelle partake in a Jewish custom; he walked up to her to see her for the first time and he took a peek under the veil to make sure he was getting the correct bride. It was very fun!

In the midst of photographing her bouquet, I glanced up and saw her beaming smiles to her arriving friends, so I quietly expanded the shot without her noticing and I think it is so beautiful!

Two of her friends had some exciting news to share as well! They had just gotten engaged a few hours earlier on a hike. Oh...I am such a sap for romance!!

The chair dance!

One of my most favorite moments of their wedding was at sunset. It was just the two of them in the most magical light, they were glowing with happiness and we walked around the gorgeous property taking in all of the beauty.

The ceremony courtyard at sunset.

The evening reception, which looks so peaceful, is actually crazy fun and loud inside with a 6 piece band belting out the music! They were amazing!

The evening ended just before midnight with everyone gathered in the courtyard for some good old fashioned sparklers. A perfect ending!


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