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There's some truth in Dorothy's famous chant, "There's no place like home...", because we all get home sick now and then, but right now all I can say is "There's no place like vacation, there's no place like vacation." Mike and I just returned from vacation bliss at Mammoth Lakes and I sure would like to be back there right now! Lounging, hiking, sipping fruity was the life!
This was our first trip to the area and we really enjoyed ourselves; especially our little home away from home at The Westin Resort.
Here's a glimpse into our weekend, complete with stock photography from the web. Where are my photos you ask... well, about 2 hours into the drive I realized, "Ughh, I forgot my camera bag!" And so the story goes with no photos.

We arrived just in time for their late night Happy Hour.

We walked into town for breakfast, watched the local 4th of July parade and did a little shopping at The Village.
We then spent a good part of the day soaking up the sun by the pool. Once our base tan was established, we dressed up and enjoyed a hearty pasta dinner, then squeezed back into our suits for a soak in the hot tub underneath the stars.

Enjoyed a big breakfast, which I recall Mike saying, "That was the best French toast I've ever had!" How could it not be... it was about 3 inches thick, with toasted almonds, fresh raspberries and whip cream!!
To burn off some of those calories, we journeyed up the mountain, parked the truck and hopped on our mountain bikes and did a short tour around one of the lakes.
We then put away the bikes and hiked up about a mile and a half to another lake. Everything was stunning! Even with warm temperatures and plenty of sun, there were a few big patches of snow still on the ground, so I quickly made a snow ball and tossed it at Mike; explaining that it must have fallen from the tree.
Than later it was more pool time with plenty of Mojitos and Pina Coladas.
The evening rounded out with more time at The Village (which was just across the street from the resort) live music and perfect seats for a cute little fireworks show put on for the tourists and townies.

We packed up in the morning and hit the road; this time we drove back through Yosemite which was a first for both of us! Everything about the region is so beautiful, it's no wonder Ansel Adams was so inspired!
And we were extremely lucky to see our very first glimpse of a bear in the wild. I faithfully watched out the window as Mike drove, and as if I were in a dream, there he was, a little bear (teenager size) walking on a fallen tree right next to the road ! At first I thought I dreamt it, but I quickly squeeled, "I just saw a bear!!! Turn around, turn around!" It was very exciting for both of us and a perfect ending to a fantastic weekend.

The Westin at Mammoth Lakes

The Village.
A new take on an outdoor mall with shops, restaurants and condos above.

What my bear looked like.


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