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Briana & Balys know how to start the new year off right... by pledging their love to each other in front of the friends and family!

In addition to January nuptials, their other circumstances were very special. Because they are both active military, their family members rallied together and helped coordinate many if not most of the wedding details, including hiring me, so the first time I met them was on their wedding day. And I heard we were lucky they even arrived for their own wedding because apparently it was a bit of a feat to get their shore leave approval for the wedding. How's that for exciting?! So they celebrated into the night and then as the true heroes that they are, they went back to their separate bases the very next day and they won't see each other for another 7 weeks!

But with all that said, the day was peaceful and beautiful as if there wasn't a care in the world; the way it should be.


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