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When my cousin Amber realized she was in need of some new profile photographs for work and pleasure, she gave me a call and we turned it into fun family time with a little bit of everything; photo shoot, shopping and dinner!

Just hours before we were to meet up, she called me with a shaky tear-soaked voice, telling me she had wrecked her bicycle on the way home from work and wasn't sure about keeping our date. I was on standby. An hour later, after the Ibuprofen started working, she was willing to give it a go; even though she could barely move her injured shoulder.

This is my favorite photo of her! This angle offered the best light, yet she had a bit of road-rash on her shoulder, so thanks to the magic of Photoshop I got the setup that I wanted, and she doesn't have a visible reminder of her bike incident.

Outfit change and more photos on her adorable 1930's front stoop. This is technically an out-take, but I love her big smile and it makes me smile every time.

Here is Amber with her mom, my wonderful Aunt Colene.

I'm crazy for sunset photos because the light is absolutely magical! Not only is it the most flattering light, it always seems to bring an embedded calm in my subjects. And if you miss the sunset, the sunrise is always a back up for amazing photos; that is if you can get up that early.

While all of the photographic attention was on Amber, my Aunt announced that her place of work needed a profile photo too, so I had her jump in and I got some beautiful images of her as well.


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